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Where was ‘Dune 2’ filmed? the locations of the middle east unveiled

Dune 2
Dune 2

Where was ‘Dune 2’ filmed? the locations of the middle east unveiled

As the epic saga of "Dune 2" unfolds on the silver screen, it's not just the captivating storyline or the complex characters that draw us in; it's the breathtaking landscapes that form the backdrop of this otherworldly adventure. These aren't distant planets in a far-off galaxy but the very sands and stones of the Middle East. Let's journey through the real-life locations of Wadi Rum, Jordan, and Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi, which bring the planets of "Dune 2" to life. For travelers and cinephiles alike, the Middle East is a treasure trove of otherworldly locations, each with the potential to be the setting of the next big Hollywood blockbuster.

Wadi Rum, Jordan: The Heartbeat of Arrakis

Wadi Rum, known as the Valley of the Moon, is where the essence of Arrakis comes alive. With its red sands and alien terrain, it's easy to imagine the Fremen sietches nestled among these majestic landscapes. Denis Villeneuve, the visionary director of "Dune 2," emphasized the importance of nature in the film, striving to capture its raw, tactile beauty on screen. Wadi Rum's extraordinary environment does just that, making the struggles and stories of Arrakis feel all the more real.

Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi: The Sands of Arrakis

The adventure continues in the Liwa Oasis, where the vast, sandworm-infested deserts of Arrakis stretch out into the horizon. The production team delved deep into the heart of the Arabian desert, establishing a network of roads to navigate the dunes, some reaching heights of up to 300 meters. The luxury Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort became a temporary home for the cast, immersing them fully in the landscape that would become central to the film's narrative. Tanya Lapointe, a producer on "Dune," remarked on the depth of their exploration into the desert, bringing an unparalleled authenticity to the film's setting.

Beyond the Silver Screen: Unexplored Middle Eastern Gems

The Middle East's allure doesn't end with "Dune 2." The region is dotted with locations that are every filmmaker's dream and every traveler's paradise:

  • AlUla, Saudi Arabia: Home to ancient tombs and stunning rock formations, AlUla is a living museum, offering a glimpse into the past and an exceptional backdrop for stories waiting to be told.

  • Salalah, Oman: This tropical paradise, with its unique khareef (monsoon) season, transforms into a lush, green wonderland, contrasting sharply with the region's desert image.

  • Wadi Lajab, Saudi Arabia: A deep canyon filled with fresh water and enveloped by towering cliffs, Wadi Lajab is an oasis in the desert, perfect for adventure films and documentaries.

  • Salt Lakes of Egypt: These ethereal landscapes where the sky and ground merge in a mirage of blues and whites are not only a haven for photographers but could also serve as stand-ins for alien planets or magical realms.

  • Inland Sea,  Qatar: or Khor Al Adaid, one of the only places in the world where the desert's sand dunes meets the Arabian Gulf.

Each of these locations holds a story untold, a landscape unexplored, and an adventure waiting to happen. They are not just potential shooting locations for Hollywood films but destinations that promise real-world experiences far beyond the ordinary. For those inspired by the cinematic journeys of "Dune 2," the Middle East offers a gateway to explore the fantastical, the historical, and the untouched corners of our world.

So, pack your bags and set your compass towards the Middle East, where the line between the reels and reality blurs, and every traveler is the protagonist of their own epic story. Whether you're chasing the cinematic echoes of "Dune 2" or looking to write your own script, the Middle East's landscapes are your canvas, waiting for you to discover their hidden narratives and otherworldly beauty.

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