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Hot Air Ballon in the Middle East

About Us


Our Vision

How We Started

Our story began with a vision fueled by the Middle East's growing appeal for travel, a trend confirmed by a 20% increase in international arrivals, as reported by the UNWTO. This was in sharp contrast to the World's 16% decline from 2019 numbers, signaling a unique opportunity for growth in a thriving market.


That was coupled with Saudi Arabia's entry into the global tourism scene, revolutionizing connectivity across Middle Eastern destinations. This ushered in a new era of multi-country travel routes, in high demand among travelers. It was a clear gap that the Middle East Travel Alliance was ready to fill, marking our strategic entry into this dynamic and evolving travel landscape.

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The Pyramids of Giza
Qatar Desert Safari
Meta Team work

Tackling the Challenges

Resolving Tour Operators' & Travel Agents' Pain Points


  • Contacting multiple DMCs

  • Receiving multiple quotations

  • Combining multiple itineraries

  • Handling complex logistics

  • Multiple payments/payment processes

  • Coordination between the different DMCs


  • Network of Local DMCs

  • Trip Design Team

  • Unified pre-set multi country tours

  • Single payment/payment process

  • Multiple payments/payment processes

  • Meta coordinators

Bedouin in the Middle East
Al Ula Tour

Our Business Model

No Hidden Costs, Net Pricing

Our alliance operates differently from typical global DMCs. We don't add extra fees to the services offered by our DMC members. Instead, all cost for marketing and operations are shared among our members. This approach ensures you are getting the best prices and value for money directly from the local suppliers in each destinations. No middle men or markups involved.

Old Market Al Ula

Feel Like Chatting

Travel Professionals

Meet our International Sales Team

Kay William - Uk Account Director

Kay Williams

Account Director

UK & Ireland

Loriena Santana - EU & Latam Account Director

Loriena Santana

Account Director


Katie Anzelmi - North America Account Director

Katie Anzelmi

Account Director


Linda - Account Director


Account Director


Travel Professionals

Meet The Operations Team

Hassle Free 

The people who will take care of you

Our dedicated operation team ensure that your Middle East tour package is expertly handled. They will communicate with you, curate the necessary packages, book and confirm all arrangements, and coordinate with our DMC members. With our team's oversight ensures that every aspect of your journey will be taken care of from start to finish. We understand that your clients' comfort and satisfaction are top priorities, and our team will track their experience to ensure it's enjoyable. Trust us to handle all the details, leaving your guests to relax and enjoy their vacation. Let us create a truly unforgettable experience for you and your clients in the Middle East.

Ibrahim Khaled - Co-founder & Head of Marketing

Ibrahim Khaled

Head of Marketing

Afaf Saeed - Operations Manager

Afaf Saeed

Operations Manager

MICE Representative

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Our Members

Amisol Travel Egypt


Jordan Tours


Masarak Traval Saudi

East KSA

365 Adventures Qatar

Qatar/UAE/East KSA

Holy Lander


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