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Exploring Cairo with Kids: A Family-Friendly Guide to Egypt’s Bustling Capital


Imagine traveling to a place with towering sand dunes and friendly locals, including hands-on grandmothers and cheerful aunties eager to entertain. Welcome to Cairo, where visiting with kids can feel like carrying a sign that says: “People of Egypt, take care of us!”

Is Cairo good for kids?

Cairo’s charm lies more in its bustling atmosphere and friendly people rather than open spaces. While it might not be the safest for pedestrians, especially young children, older kids and teenagers will find it easier to navigate. The Metro’s women-only carriages are a great resource for nursing moms, but strollers are impractical on Cairo’s uneven streets. Instead, use a sturdy baby carrier or walking reins.

Public toilets are scarce, but restaurants are very accommodating for diaper changes. Plush malls in areas like Maadi, Nasr City, and New Cairo offer facilities for changing and nursing. Egyptians often give children unsolicited cheek pinches and small gifts, making your visit more enjoyable.

Best places in Cairo for children

The area around the Citadel is excellent for families, with museums, mosques, and spacious courtyards for kids to explore. Nearby, Al-Azhar Park is perfect for picnics and playtime, and Khan El-Khalili market offers a sensory feast and entertaining tanoura dance shows.

Activities for babies and toddlers

With Giza Zoo closed until 2025, Al-Azhar Park is a top choice for green spaces near downtown. Family Park in New Cairo or Nasr City has large open spaces, sandy play areas, a mini zoo, and a rapids ride. Bring your own food for a picnic.

For a calming retreat, Osana Wellness in Maadi offers a restaurant with vegan options, a workspace, yoga and meditation classes, a garden, and a dedicated baby area.

Activities for kids in Cairo

Combine green space with fun at Woods Artground in Merryland Park, Heliopolis, where children can enjoy painting, gardening, pottery, and more. The Pyramids of Giza are a must-see, offering exercise and the chance to see camels. Watch out for vendors offering "freebies" that may later require payment.

Before February 2024, visit the Grand Egyptian Museum for Tutankhamun: The Immersive Exhibition, a 360-degree audio-visual experience. Although not specifically for kids, they will enjoy the illuminated floors and animated lily pads. The museum advises against bringing children under six due to sensory overload.

Catch a traditional tanoura dance show in Wikala al-Ghouri in Old Cairo, featuring whirling dervishes and often a comedic performer to engage the kids.

Activities for teenagers and tweens

For a unique experience, go kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding on the Nile with Zamalek Kayak or Nile Kayak Club. Cairow offers SUP sessions, and you can end the day with a sunset meal on a private felucca.

Take your teens to a traditional coffee house (ahwa) like Fishawy in Downtown or Old Cairo. Order a drink, and ask for a backgammon board or dominoes to spend the evening learning new games with locals.

Planning tips

  • Buy a multi-use Metro card for the whole family.

  • Plan ahead with a local SIM card and data for using Uber.

  • Bring your own refillable water bottles, but use large bottled water (19L) at your accommodation to refill them, as tap water is unsafe.

  • Cairo has many late-night pharmacies that can provide basic assistance and direct you to specialists if needed.

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