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Middle East Travel Alliance (META) Press Release
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Game Changer

A Seamless Middle East Travel Experience

As travelers increasingly seek out unique and unforgettable experiences, the Middle East has become one of the hottest regions to explore. While the possibility of visiting multiple Middle Eastern countries has become increasingly accessible, arranging such an itinerary can be an overwhelming and complex process.

Fortunately, the Middle East Travel Alliance is here to help. We provide a comprehensive overview of the Middle East without getting bogged down in excessive details. We specialize in crafting customized itineraries, no matter how intricate, and will take care of all the logistics, from start to finish. Our goal is to alleviate the stress associated with planning these tours and provide you with the peace of mind that everything will be handled seamlessly.

​Simply put we are your One-Stop-Shop for everything Middle East!

Simplifying Middle East Travel

A Webinar Series by META

In this engaging series will delve into key insights and innovative solutions that aim to enhance travel experiences in the region. With the expertise and industry knowledge of our DMC members we are set to lead thought-provoking sessions, providing valuable perspectives to the travel community. Check out our Webinar recording and feel free to join us on upcoming sessions.

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Middle East Travel Alliance (META) Webinar

Discover the Middle East with assurance of a associate member of USTOA – your gateway to trusted and exceptional travel experiences. With our USTOA affiliation, explore the region's captivating wonders, vibrant cultures, and rich history while enjoying the highest standards of quality, expertise, and security. Your client's journey through the Middle East is backed by credibility and excellence.

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Tours in the Middle East

Our Services

FIT Services in the Middle East
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We offer full range of FIT services: visas, transfers, accommodation and excursions are just the beginning. Curating memorable vacations for your guests .

Group Travel Services in the Middle East
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Groups are the lifeblood of our business. Whether it's a family reunions or corporate retreats, we'll make sure you're taken care of from start to finish.

MICE Services in the Middle East
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Ours DMC’s offers Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions services and make sure that everything in your plan is delivered to your satisfaction.

VIP Concierge Services in the Middle East
VIP concierge Services in the Middle East


Our VIP services include personalized itineraries, private transportation, luxury accommodation, private tours, access to exclusive events and more.

Egypt Tour

Your guide to the Middle East

Why work with us 

Your one-stop-shop for all your travel needs in the Middle East. We offer a comprehensive and hassle-free solution by bringing together the expertise and knowledge of the top DMCs in the region. Our experienced professionals are committed to delivering rich travel itineraries and tailored solutions to make every trip memorable and enjoyable. We are passionate about showcasing the rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and modern amenities of the Middle East, and providing the best services and experiences the region has to offer.

Access to the knowledge and expertise of our handpicked Regional DMCs


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Seamless multiple country tour planning Regardless of how complicated that is.

Trip Planning

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One-step booking process 


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Our DMCs are committed to providing sustainable tourism


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DMCs in the Middle East

Our Destinations

Egypt Tours

Explore the ancient wonders of Egypt

Relax on the stunning beaches of the Red Sea, and experience the vibrant culture of Cairo.

Jordan Tours

Discover the magical landscapes of Jordan

From the iconic ancient city of Petra to the stunning desert landscapes of Wadi Rum.

Palestine/Israel Tours

Journey through the
Holy Land

From the ancient city of Jerusalem to the vibrant city of Tel Aviv and the stunning beaches of the Dead Sea.

Saudi Arabia Tour

Discover the hidden treasures of Saudi Arabia

From the ancient ruins of Mada'in Saleh to the stunning natural beauty of the Al Aula

Oman Tour

Experience the untouched natural beauty of Oman

From the majestic mountains of Jebel Shams to the pristine beaches of Musandam

Qatar Tour

Vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Qatar

Embrace the vibrant energy of Doha's bustling cityscape, immerse in the rich history of Al Zubarah ruins.

Old Town Jeddah Tour

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Sands of Arabia

takes you on a journey through the stunning landscapes, rich culture, and ancient history of the Middle East.